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twitter-logo1Twitter is another online social network exploding into the mainstream!

People following other people they know, don’t know, want to know or hope to know in real-time someday.  Until then, the conversations are limited to 140-characters, including links to photos, websites or blogs through shrunken URL’s that look like a drunk typed on the keyboard.

I’ve been existing in experimental mode on Twitter for the last several months (follow me @marriagejunkie).  I’ve followed the messages among those I follow (feeling a bit like a grammatical voyeur).  I’ve watched how Twitter is talked about in the media (with TV reporters now begging for followers during the news).  I’ve read articles on how Twitter is revolutionizing the world.  (I’ve even corresponded with some of those doing the revolutionizing such as, Guy Kawasaki).

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K. Jason and Kelli Krafsky are “The Social Media Couple”  who speak, teach and write on all things technology and relationships. Their hope is to empower couples, parents and families to use common sense and healthy boundaries in this social media age. Jason and Kelli wrote Facebook and Your Marriage (2010), the first book ever written on the topic,  and have written extensively on how couples, parents and families can survive and thrive using technology.  The Krafskys have been married since 1994 and live just outside of Seattle  with their four children. Contact them at the website, blog, via email at, on Twitter (@techlationships) or through Facebook (Social Media Couple).

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Association of Marriage and Family Ministries Conference
August 4-8, 2008
For those working in church-based or faith-based marriage and family ministry … you don’t want to miss this incredible conference! I have gone every year and the networking, the programming, the setting, and the spirit of the conference are exceptional!
Worried that it takes place in Arizona in August …don’t worry! It takes place at a 5-star resort at a Hotel 6 price! Bring your spouse, and bring your kids!
Here is a blurb on the conference from the website!
“a number of today’s leading writers, speakers and counselors have come together to develop the Association of Marriage and Family Ministries (AMFM). The purpose of this conference is to train and equip marriage and family helping professionals, ministers, and lay leaders. To do so, we have partnered with the experts to showcase the finest in marriage and family training and resources available today, as well as those that are emerging with new and creative ideas. The conference will equip, train, encourage, resource and support you as a leader in your work with couples, parents, and the full spectrum of family types.”
Here’s a partial list of trainers at the conference!
Rodney Cox, Ron Deal, Ben Freudenburg, Rex and Eve Johnson, K. Jason Krafsky (ME), Peter Larson, Dave and Dawn Lind, Robert Paul, Gary Rosberg, Douglas Rosenau, Gary Smalley, Greg and Erin Smalley, John Thurman, John Trent, H. Norman Wright, and many more!
ALSO, there is a pre-conference, FREE Marriage Movement Summit.
AND, there are post-conference trainings you don’t want to miss!!!


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