Have you gotten a Friend Request from  a former boyfriend or girlfriend?

Is your spouse chatting with “someone” on Facebook?

Does Facebook bring you and your mate closer together or does it trigger arguments?

Facebook and Your Marriage is a brand new, easy-to-use , interactive, “here’s how” guide for married Facebookers to find answers to questions you can’t find anywhere else.

From the general “How do I…”

  • Find friends on Facebook?
  • Unfriend someone?
  • Protect my private info better?
  • Safeguard my marriage on Facebook?
  • and lost more!

To the specific “What do I do because…”

  • My spouse friended an old flame?
  • Feelings get sparked when chatting with my “first love”?
  • My spouse is on Facebook all the time?
  • I am emotionally connecting with someone on Facebook?
  • and lots more!

Different than most marriage and relationship books which read from cover to cover, with Facebook and Your Marriage, the reader determines where they start, where they end, and gets the answers to the questions they need help with right away.

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NOTE: The 371-page, full-color Facebook and Your Marriage is published by Turn the Tide Resource Group and can be purchased at SocialMediaCouple.com and Amazon ($19.95 plus S/H).


K. Jason and Kelli Krafsky are “The Social Media Couple”  who speak, teach and write on all things technology and relationships. Their hope is to empower couples, parents and families to use common sense and healthy boundaries in this social media age. Jason and Kelli wrote Facebook and Your Marriage (2010), the first book ever written on the topic,  and have written extensively on how couples, parents and families can survive and thrive using technology.  The Krafskys have been married since 1994 and live just outside of Seattle  with their four children. Contact them at the SocialMediaCouple.com website, techlationships.com blog, via email at info@techlationships.com, on Twitter (@techlationships) or through Facebook (Social Media Couple).

Copyright © 2010 K. Jason Krafsky – Permission granted to use and reproduce with proper source citation.

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